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**EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY** All inquiries and custom orders need to come through Kenzi Pogue. Please, do not contact Robbie directly anymore.



We offer in person and remote fittings. In person fittings are free and can be done at any event with a Robbie Phillips booth or scheduled with Kenzi Pogue at (903) 422-3441. If you are unable to visit us in person, photo fittings can be submitted for a remote review.

Remote picture reviews are not a free service unless you submit your pictures, order form, and deposit at the same time. Otherwise, all remote saddle fitting reviews will be $50 (paid via PayPal, Zelle, or Square Invoice). If you decide to order a saddle within 30 days of your review, the $50 will be taken off what you owe for your deposit. 



1. Take a picture of your horse's back as shown in the reference picture.

​2. Make sure your phone is angled like the reference picture. Don't go too high or far behind.

3. Horse's head must be up and looking straight forward.

4. Take the photo directly over the butt. We don't need to see the top of their butt or their tail head in the photo.

5. Send your picture to (903) 422-3441. Please note, fit responses go out in the order they are received. Depending on our volume of fitting requests, it can take up to two weeks to get your estimated tree size.

Once you’ve received your estimated tree size, we ask that you try to find someone close to you with that same size to try on your horse. This will help assure it’s a good fit before ordering a custom since there’s no guarantee it will fit perfectly using photo fittings alone.


*Marked in red on the order form.*

6.5 on 45° bars

Fits more narrow backed thoroughbred built horses.

6.75 on 42° bars

7R on 42° bars

7W (7.25 gullet) on 42° bars

These are our standard bar angles that will fit a wide variety of horses. Most trainers use the 7R if they’re going to be riding a lot of horses. The 7W is for horses that have a good standard back but a very large, prominent set of shoulders.

7XW on 40° bars

7.5XW on 40° bars

These start our fits for horses with wide and flat backs. Think very stocky cow bred horses. Typically round like a barrel and usually no prominent withers. These trees are also made on 38° bars. If that’s the case, 38 will also be stamped on it.

IMG_3999 Edited.JPG
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