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***POLICY UPDATE*** Kenzi Pogue is the official contact for all questions and custom orders for Robbie Phillips Saddlery. All calls and emails received by Robbie will be redirected to Kenzi. Thanks for your understanding and for helping us streamline our ordering process.


All saddles come with a back cinch, nylon latigo and off billets, and aluminum stirrups. Nettle stirrups, leather latigos and off billets can be added at additional costs. If you’d like them on your saddle, add a note in the specialty design box of your order form.


Our Cheyenne Roll cantle comes standard 5in. This can be lowered or raised by 1/2 an inch upon request. The Pencil Roll is slightly taller.


If you order a customized tree, not one of our standards, we will not take it back. There are no refunds.


Calling and texting available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Calls or texts received outside normal business hours will receive a response during normal business hours. For any questions, please contact Kenzi at (903) 422-3441.


The deposit for each order is $250. We do not accept any more than this amount. The remainder of your balance is due when your saddle is complete and ready to ship.

Submitting Your Deposit & Fees:
- Zelle | +1 (479) 200-0995 | $250 
- PayPal | | $257
- Square Invoice | Emailed Upon Request | CC with 3% fee


It is extremely rare that we have in stock saddles. If we do have some in stock, they will be posted on the Facebook group Robbie Phillips Saddlery In Stock & Updates. If nothing is posted, chances are we have nothing in stock. The best way to buy a saddle is by submitting a custom order, or purchasing one out of our booth when we’re set up at a show.


All saddles are made on the same rise.


For an additional $250, you can have your saddle completed in 4 weeks. You must note this at the top of your order form.


Padded seats are exactly true to size, hard seats will sit slightly bigger. Padded seats can come in a variety of colors, and we can usually find any color suede at the leather supply. If you want a unique color, please put a note in the specialty design box of your order form.


Our cut out swells add an inch of room in the thigh opening. Robbie normally suggests sizing down in your seat to compensate, but others have preferred it to stay the same.


At this time, we do not offer payment plans.


Our standard trees come with certain gullets and bar angles. The lower the bar angle number, the flatter the bars. If the bar angle is ever changed for a custom tree it will be stamped. All stamps are located under the left fender.

Standard Stamp Example:

6.75 5-22 E

{6.75} is the gullet. It’s a standard tree so the bar angle didn’t change. {5-22} is the date the saddle was made, and {E} is the initial of the guy in the shop who made it.

Custom Stamp Example:

6.75 40 5-22 E

{6.75} is the gullet. {40} it the bar angle. {5-22} is the date the saddle was made, and {E} is the initial of the guy in the shop who made it.


Orders are shipped 8 weeks out. Please, don’t ask for an update before the 6 week mark. We will not be able to give you an update until then.


Our saddles average 30lbs. No design, tree, etc changes that. We do not offer lightweight saddles.


Trees come with a 5 year warranty. Leather work comes with a 1 year warranty. Any damage caused by pressure applied to a tree while using the saddle properly will be covered by the warranty. Any damage to a tree caused during the event of a vehicle or horse related accident including, but not limited to, events where a horse flips or gets hung up while wearing the saddle will not be covered by the tree warranty.

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